The Widowers perfectly nails that deadpan vibe one gets out of Dilbert or The Office, inviting us to laugh at the ridiculousness of our self-help advice but never at the widowers themselves.”
– Kenneth R. Morefield of 1More Film Blog

“Jonathan Scott Chinn’s The Widowers occupies a difficult space between comedy and drama, navigating this void with an impressive handle on both genres. . . When the film hits its stride, manipulating the inherently funny idea of summer camp for grieving widows, the tense relationships that grow between characters are strange and beautiful things to see.”
– Matthew Stieb of the San Antonio Current

” ‘The Widowers’ is a fantastic effort in publicly portraying a process many of us know is anything less than tidy but most of the country seems to think should be neatly packaged.”
– Rebecca Soffer of Modern Loss

” ‘The Widowers’ is a comedy about grief, and Irish said: ‘I know people will say ‘Well, grief isn’t funny’ but it can be. . . we know that everyone grieves differently, and we wanted to find the gallows humor that emerges in that situation. . . ”
– Michael Smith of the Tulsa World

→ LISTEN: NPR Interview with director Jonathan Scott Chinn during the film’s premiere in Tulsa, OK.